HP Officejet 3833 Fax Setup

HP Officejet 3833 Send a Fax

Send a Fax from a phone

  • Feed the original document into the document feeder or with the print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Dial the recipient number on the phone using the keypad provided on it.
  • Request your recipient to receive the fax after they hear the fax tone on their fax machine.
  • From the home screen of your 123 hp setup oj3833 printer select Fax and then select send fax.
  • Touch Black or Color option when you are ready to send the Fax.
  • Remain on the line till the transmission gets started and you can hang up when the Fax begins transmitting. To send Fax from Mobile phone, install the appropriate app for e-fax and start the exploring the functions.

Send a Fax from the computer

  • Prepare your printer for faxing with all the traditional telephonic connections to the printer make sure of the printer’s power and connection.
  • Connect the phone cord to the phone jack present and other end of the cord to the 1-line of printer. Install the HP printer software for using the FAX services in your printer.
  • Set up FAX preferences from your 123.hp.com/setup 3833 printer’s control panel, browse through various options present there and select regarding your preferences.
  • Open the document or photo that you want to FAX, access file option and select print. Select your printer’s fax printer driver from displayed list of printers. Provide the fax recipient’s phone number and send the fax.

HP Officejet 3833 Receive a Fax

Set up backup fax

  • Complete the printer setup and check the connectivity of the printer’s power cords.
  • Using the backup options you can store the faxes sent to you for any other functions using the memory devices provided to the printer.
  • From the home screen of the printer touch fax and enter the preference to enable the Backup Fax Reception, touch the required settings.
  • It uses the memory provided to it for storing the fax received, replaces the newly received fax with the older faxes. Be careful as it is a volatile memory you may lose the file when it shuts down.
  • Touch Reprint option from the fax menu to reprint the fax file from the memory.

Receive a fax manually

  • Setup your 123 hp oj3833 printer to receive fax manually using certain options, look for the fax tone before receiving a fax.
  • Connect the phone cord to one end and other end to the 1-line on the back of printer
  • Turn off the auto answer setting using the printer’s control panel in order to initiate receiving faxes manually. When you on a phone call ask the sender to start faxing.
  • Initiate the manual 123.hp.com/setup oj3833 fax earlier before the voicemail picks the call, you must be available to pick up the calls.
  • Run a Fax test to check the performance and settings you have provided to it, select receive now and your printer is ready.

HP Officejet 3833 Block Unwanted Fax Numbers

  • Use Block Junk Fax mode in your 123.hp.com/oj3833 printer’s control panel in case of blocking unwanted fax from a user.
  • Press setup and navigate through the junk fax blocker setup present, when prompted press the appropriate number from the options to setup the block Junk Fax settings.
  • To add a number from your caller ID to the block list, add number by selecting Add Number to Junk List from the Basic fax setup menu.
  • Scroll through the numbers from which you have received FAX, select he number which has to be moved to the block junk fax and press ok.
  • To manually enter a number to the block list, enter setting of your printer and select basic fax setup option.
  • Select Add Number to Junk List and enter the number manually using the keyboard displayed.
HP Officejet 3833 Change Fax Settings
  • Access your HP Officejet 3833 printer control panel in order to change the send fax, receive fax settings and volume settings of your fax.
  • Direct the volume of fax sounds from your HP Officejet 3833 printer’s control panel to adjust the fax sounds of incoming and outgoing faxes, ringing sounds of incoming fax.
  • Set Dial Prefix which is the set of numbers added before the fax number by accessing the basic fax settings in your printer, use the alphanumeric buttons available on the screen to type the number.
  • Set the dial-tone detection for preventing the product from performing fax while someone is on the telephone, select the dial tone option from the advanced setup setting and set it for use.
  • Set the answer mode and Fax forwarding options of the receive settings from your main settings menu for answering the fax call and forwarding the fax call respectively.

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HP Officejet 3833 Troubleshooting

Faxes fail when the computer goes into suspend or sleep mode

Sometimes your fax outputs gets worse because of some mechanical issues or by your negligence resulting in blank faxes or distortions in it. Follow these guides to come out of these issues :

  • Make sure you are facing a faxing issue not a printing issue, Turn off the printer and connect the power cords into the sockets.
  • Load the document that you wish to fax properly that may cause the issue in some cases. Clean the dust and other smudges from the scanner using a cloth.
  • Open the document feeder cover and look for paper rollers and separator pads onside the document feeder.
  • Make use of a damp cloth to wipe the excess present on the pick rollers and the separator pad, allow the document feeder cover open for few minutes to get the roller and pads dry up.
  • Reconnect the power cords on your printer and try faxing again to check the performance.
  • Reset your printer to calibrate the scanning mechanism which might fix the problem, Change 123.hp.com/setup 3833 fax speed as the high fax speed may cause these issues and then change the error correction mode settings using the basic fax settings.

Faxes are blank or have vertical lines

Your Fax transmission fails when there is an interruption on the power or due to mechanical calibration issues or because of computer getting onto sleep mode :

  • Stop using Suspend or sleep mode when connected to the HP all in one product as the product maintain contact with your computer every time, when the computer turns to suspend or sleep mode it gets disconnected.
  • From the computer control panel double click the power management and Turn off hard disks to never.
  • Turn down the suspend mode from BIOS, in some cases the suspend mode presents in BIOS and depending upon the manufacturer way of accessing the BIOS differs.
  • Restart your computer to access BIOS, when the system restarts enter the setup by pressing the key it indicates on the screen. Navigate through the power menu and enter the power settings category, select Disable from the menu and press enter.
  • Save the settings, now the system’s suspension mode has been turned down and your computer can maintain communication with your 123.hp.com/setup 3833 printer till the fax gets transmitted without having any issue.